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20Pcs Purple Wisteria Flower Seeds Wisteria Sinensis DIY Home Garden Yard Plant

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Features :
Wisteria can adapt to different climates and soils, especially cold-resistant.
The deep soil, good drainage, sunny shelter is the most appropriate cultivation place.
Growing fast and live very long.
Winding ability, it has a strangling effect on other plants.

Specification :
Germination time : 7-10 days
Germination temperature :  18-25 Celsius.
Applications : Courtyard, garden, balcony, living room etc.

Package included :
1 x 20Pcs Wisteria Sinensis Seeds

Kindly Tip :
Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration.
Plant growth is affected by temperature, water, light and other factors. 
Under unsuitable conditions, plant growth will be slow or even death.